Portland Expo Center

Maine Red Claws

The Maine Red Claws play at the Portland Expo Centre in Portland, Maine. The venue is easy to locate in Portland and is well signposted/advertised outside.

There is a small amount of parking adjacent to the venue and plenty of car parks nearby. The team website suggests a specific nearby car park but we used the lot opposite that car park as it was cheaper.


The type of seat depends on which section you sit in. The most expensive sections have the best seats. We sat in the section that was $22 a seat and got small hard plastic bleacher type seating but with a small back. The cheaper seats were bleached style and the most expensive seats were the more common hard plastic seat variety.


A good range of food and beverages was on offer.

Food – pizza, hot dogs, burgers, pretzels, popcorn, fries

Drinks – soft drinks, water, beer, spirits

It was reasonably priced and we got two cheeseburgers and a Diet Coke for $12.

They had a stall selling team merchandise and, a 50/50 raffle and a stall selling balls for the lobster toss (a competition played during the 4th where you through the balls at a lobster pot and if you get the ball in the pot you win a prize).


They have a dance squad and we had a special half time performance by Bronson Arroyo.

On the way in we were given a magnet featuring the schedule and a programme.

Overall I really liked this venue. The staff were friendly and helpful, it was well laid out and signposted and I was able to enjoy the game.


Westchester County Centre

Venue – good sized dedicated venue, helpful staff, the upper level seats are padded and¬†comfortable. There is no obvious ‘kids zone’ unlike some other d-league venues, the children who were present were actually paying attention to the game.The fans were really involved with the game and this made for a good atmosphere.

Accessible – ample parking, close to town and easy to access via train from Manhattan

Concessions – usual range of hotdogs, popcorn, soft drinks on sale.



Bob Carpenter Center

Venue – Good sized venue in a Uni gym. It’s not like the NBA venues but it is a big improvement on UK venues.

Access – We drove to the venue, they have a large free car park. I did not see any nearby bus stops but there is an AMTRAK station near by.

Concessions – There are a couple of stalls, with what seems to be a good range of food and drinks available but the staff do not seem to know what is on offer or what prices to charge. The hot food really isn’t worth it.

Merchandise – they have a small merchandise stall with a surprisingly large range.