Bryce Harper Centre – Penn State

Getting There 

They have plenty of parking at Penn State so you can easily drive to the game. If you are staying on or around campus you can probably walk to the game.

The Venue 

This is a good sized venue. It feels modern and it is well sign posted inside and out. The excepts the signage for the seat blocks. It would help if they could suggest a door per set number as other venues do.

The seats 

The seats were the typical plastic seats that you find in most venues. Not the most comfortable but no more uncomfortable than others. The seat layout is a little odd and as they don’t recommend a section entrance we did have to walk down and then back, round to the next door and back down to get to out seat.


Not a wide range but they did have plenty of concession stalls to make sure that you were not queuing for long. The prices were good – which I assume is linked to the University setting.


On the night we went there had been a lot of snow which seems to have kept people away. However it was Penn State v Michigan and Michigan had brought some fans leading to a good atmosphere. They also put a lot into keeping the energy of the crowd up with a band, cheerleaders and a dance group .



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