Knicks – the season so far

The Knicks have not had the start to the season that we may have expected. That’s not to say that they have had the best start but there have been more wins than expected and against some teams we would have predicted loses against.

The main reason for this performance is Kristaps Porzingis who is having the best season of his life. He is putting up some amazing numbers and absolutely showing how much potential he has. However, he cannot keep this up all season. When he missed the game against the Hornets, the Knicks lost. That may have happened even if he had played but without his big numbers the rest of the team had more to do.

Porzingis has a few niggling injuries and has already said that he may need elbow surgery at the end of the season. Playing as hard as he has been so far this season, is only going to aggravate that elbow and potentially mean more games that he has to sit out.

When Carmelo Anthony was at the Knicks the game plan seemed to be getting the ball to Melo and letting him take over the game. That plan did not result in a lot of playoff appearances.

My worry is that keeping to the plan, just swapping Melo for Porzingis, is going to have the same results.

The Knicks team does have potential to be a good team, maybe even a playoff team but they can’t rely on Porzingis to do it all.

I know there will be those who point to the Russel Westbrook last season. I am not trying to suggest that Porzingis is not capable of having an absolute stand out season. But that is not going to result in a playoff run for the Knicks unless the rest of the team improves.


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