Maine Red Claws v Erie Bayhawks

The G-league season has only just started (the G-league is the d-league renamed for sponsorship purposes).

This was not my first time seeing Maine but it was my first time at their venue (there is a separate post on the venue).

Maine seemed shaky at the start of each quarter, defending poorly and demonstrating poor shot selection.

However in the first two quarters they managed to fight back and end the quarters only a point behind.

The third quarter was poor for both teams with only five points being scored in total in the first five minutes. The Bayhawks were having the worst of it with five fouls.

Josh Longstaff, recently released from the Knicks, is in his first season as head coach of the Bayhawks. As we were sat behind the bench we were able to witness his coaching style up close. It’s fair to say he hasn’t fully gotten to grips with the differnce in rules between the NBA and the G-league.

At the end of Q3 Maine had the lead and while the final quarter was close they fought hard and kept the lead. The tried and tested technique of playing for fouls did little to help the Bayhawks (who had a worse FTA-M ratio than Maine over the course of the game).

For the most part this was a close game. Being so early in the season most of the players were trying to prove themselves. One stand out for Maine was Trey Davis who made his debut in this game. He showed good knowledge and hussle and was rewarded with game MVP.


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