‘t Forum

‘t Forum – Okapi Aalstar

Getting to the venue

Okapi’s venue is in Aalst in Belgium. Once in Aalst it’s a short walk from the centre or there is a car park at the venue if you want to drive.

We got to Aalst by car and parked in an Interparking car park as our chosen hotel did not have parking.

The venue

The venue itself is not that big but they have used every bit of space to get more seats in. The seats themselves are of the hard plastic variety, common at basketball venues.

There were a couple of bars in the venue but we didn’t try any out. This was mainly because the seats were so crammed together it was difficult to get out.

I would recommend checking your seat location carefully when you order. We were sat courtside at the end of the away bench. This was okay for us as were actually supporting the away team but it did make it difficult to follow the game if the team decided to stand up.


There is a great bar called Bierhuis ‘t Apostelken which is just down from the venue. It has a beer menu and sells other drinks as well.


Lions progress in the cup

Having won 3 out of 4 BBL championship games to start the season the Lions were in a good position heading into their cup game at home against Leeds Force.

The Force aren’t looking as strong as they would like this season and have already faced some tough losses.

The game started well for the Lions and honestly it never looked as though the Force had a chance. By the end of the first period the Lions were ahead 31-5. The Leeds team kept playing and managed to put some good runs in but for the most part they looked tired and frustrated.

The pace of the game occasionally seemed to cause problems for the Lions as well. Some fancy passing that didn’t reach the intended target suggested that trying to show off may be less useful that sticking to the basics and doing them well.

The Copper Box crowd was treated to a real show from the home team and we got to see minutes from Roberts and James.

In the end it was a convincing victory for the Lions (103-54) who will face Leicester in the next round.