American Airlines Center

Team – Dallas Mavericks

Getting to Dallas

We drove into Dallas. Dallas has an Amtrak station and Dallas Forth Worth Airport so it is easy to get to Dallas for a NBA game.


In addition to an NBA team, Dallas has NFL and NHL teams and a range of other sports teams. Dallas also has a lot of history to offer if you are in town for more than just the game. We spent a few hours at the The Sixth Floor Museum but unfortunately didn’t have time to check out any of the other tourist attractions that Dallas offers.

Dallas offers the usual range of chain restaurants, several well known options are only a few minutes walk from the venue (House of Blues, Hooters and Hard Rock). There is a wide range of hotel options. The ones around the centre of Dallas are more expensive but the ones on the outskirts seem to be in less attractive areas and the reviews were definitely off putting so we opted for a hotel in the centre (The Crowne Plaza). Of course we were looking for a hotel with parking, if parking is not essential you may get a cheaper deal.

Getting to the venue

From the Crowne Plaza the venue is a short, safe walk. There are not a lot of sign posts but it’s a fairly straight forward route and as you get closer to the venue you can start to follow the home fans.

There are a few large car  parks near the venue if you would prefer to drive (though if you are staying at one of the central hotels I would suggest that you don;t save much time by trying to drive to the venue instead of walking.

The venue

This is a typical NBA venue, where all the seats appeared to have a good view of the court. The seats do run a little on the small side in the upper bowl. I felt more restricted that I have at any other NBA venue and I am within my BMI range.

Food in the venue

Typical range of hot dogs, beer, burgers and pizza. We got pizza hut, I am never convinced pizza is a great venue option but the quality was good and the price reasonable for a NBA venue.


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