New York for basketball

If you want a holiday that allows you to fit in a lot of basketball then New York should be high on your list.  

New York is home to 2 NBA teams (New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets), 2 NBA d-league teams (Westchester Knicks and Long Island Nets) and 1 WNBA team (New York Liberty) and I haven’t even started on the college teams.

If you base yourself in Manhattan it’s going to be fairly easy to get to watch all of these teams (as long as you go in season). I was in New York for four days over Christmas and managed to take in three live games, it would have been four but I drew the limit at the prices for the final game on offer (Brooklyn Nets at the Barclays Centre).

New York Knicks and New York Liberty are both based at Madison Square Garden (the world’s most famous arena) on Manhattan itself. So if that is where you are based you will be able to walk there, or take the subway.

Westchester Knicks are based in White Plains at the Westchester County Centre, this is easily accessible by train from Grand Central. Once off the train it is a short walk to the venue.

Brooklyn Nets are based in Brooklyn at the Barclays Centre. This is very well served by the subway and the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR).

For 2016/17 the Long Island Nets are also based there. When they move to Long Island for the start of the 2017/18 they will be at the Nassau Coliseum.

New York itself is super easy to get to with two international airports – John F Kennedy and Newark (okay technically this is in New Jersey but it’s well served by buses to get you into Manhattan within one hour which is not much longer than getting in from JFK). Flights won’t be cheap but there is a range of airlines to choose from and you ca get good deals.

If you plan ahead you can get a lot of basketball for your travel. The NBA and NBA d-league seasons overlap but the WNBA play in summer so you are unlikely to be able to fit in games with all three leagues in one trip but you can definitely find a spot in the year that will allow you to see both NBA teams and both d-league teams in one trip.

Of course New York has hundreds of other activities to offer (including ice-hockey, baseball, NFL, soccer and apparently some non sports related activities) and from New York you can easily get to other parts of the US or even go to Canada to fit in more basketball.


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