2016-17 season

The BBL season started over a month ago and the NBA season started a few weeks ago so a blog post is definitely overdue. 

I have travelled to a few games already this season, one in Belgium and one in the BBL. It’s a bit late now for game reviews but venue reviews (for the venues that are not already covered on this site) will be on-line shortly. 

Games to come this season:


Plymouth Raiders v London Lions x2

Bristol Flyers v London Lions 

Manchester Giants v London Lions

Cheshire Phoenix v London Lions

Leeds Force v London Lions

Euromillions League

Antwerp Giants v Okapi Aalstar 


Knicks v Celtics

Nets v Hornets

Bulls v Nets  

Bulls v Bucks

Nuggets v Pacers (in London) 

Knicks v Spurs 

Mavericks v Celtics

OKC v Knicks

All Star 2017


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