TD Garden

The best thing about Basketball venues in North America is that, for the most part, they are centrally located in cities.

The TD Garden is one of these easily accessible venues. You can chose to drive the venue, though I would not recommend that as the traffic before and after the game was insanely busy.

Boston has a good public transport network and there is a T stop just outside the venue.

The venue seems to be mainly fitted with plastic seats, except in the box areas and court-side. The seats are not the most comfortable.

The lower bowl has a large range of food and beverages available, the upper bowl has a smaller range. My personal highlight was the fact that Sam Adams is available in the venue.

The signposting in the venue needs some work, but I guess if you are a regular attendee you know where you are going. If you are intending to go, make sure you leave yourself time to find your seat before the start of the game.

The atmosphere at the TD Garden is great, the fans are loud and stay behind their team.


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