Iowa Energy @ Westchester Knicks

Sunday 21 February 

The arena was fairly busy for this D-league match up. 

The Westchester Knicks took an early league in the first quarter but then, in the last few minutes, they seemed to lose their focus. Shots were not falling for them and they had a couple of sloppy plays. They manage to keep the game close though ending the q ahead by one point.

Q1 set the tempo for what turned out to be an exciting match up. The game stayed really close the whole way through and up until the last few minutes of the game it was difficult to predict who would win.

The D-league has different rules to the NBA. In this game we saw two coaches challenges. The coach gambles a timeout on the challenge (losing the timeout if the call on the floor is upheld). One call was held and one was overturned, both not helping the Westchester Knicks.

Both teams played well, although fouling was an issue for both teams. This is something the W-Knicks needs to watch as two of their best players in this game also had high fouls counts. In the last minute of the game W-Knicks appeared to be playing for fouls but they left it too late for this tactic to be effective – not giving themselves enough time to make use of their possession. 

The game finished Iowa Energy 84 Westchester Knicks 80.
The crowd at this game were behind the home team throughout the game. It was good to see this level of support and to see the children in attendance get in to the game as well. 


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