All Star Saturday night – 13 February 2016

All Star Saturday night is an opportunity for NBA players to showcase skills that you may see on the court but with a bit more flash.

First up was the skills challenge where players have to weave through some objects while dribbling, make an accurate pass, run down the court for a layup and then back down the court for a three point shot. This year they had 4 bigs and 4 guards take on the challenge which works as a head to head, with instant elimination.

The final was between KAT and Isaiah Thomas. It was close and the crowd really got behind the players. Both players were struggling to get a 3 to fall. In the end KAT made a three point just ahead of Thomas to win the trophy.

Possibly the funniest moment of the night was Kevin Hart challenging DeMarcus Cousins to a shooting contest. Cousins went first to set the pace. Kevin Hart is actually a good shot and he came pretty close to beating the NBA star. 

The three point challenge featured the splash brothers so we knew we were in for a show. Eight NBA players took place, and the three with the highest score progressed to the next round. WAe actually had to a have a tie-break round as three players had joint third highest points (the splash brothers filling spots 1 and 2).

Devin Booker was the youngest of the competitors and he kept his cool to advance to the final round. I think we all knew he wasn’t going to win but it was still exciting to watch him try. 

Booker had the first go in the final round, followed by Steph Curry so we didn’t have to wait long to realise that was true. Steph, as always, put on a show. The excitement when Klay Thomson took his place to start was amazing. People were standing up to make sure they didn’t miss any of the action.

When he made the shot that took him past Steph’s score the whole place went crazy.  It was as if we were watching history being made. 

The dunk contest, the last event of the evening, was just outstanding. Four players each make 2 dunks, the two with the highest combined score progress to the next round where they again make 2 dunks. Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine quickly set themselves out as the ones to beat. 

The dunk made a comback last night; at one point I thought we were going to be there until the two guys were exhausted as they both kept getting full marks. My opinion is that Aaron Gordon should have won but there is no denying that Zach LaVine was amazing. 


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