Clippers @ Celtics 10/02/16

The first quarter of the game seemed really quick. This was probably due to the low number of time outs and fouls. The Celtics seemed a little slow to start but they managed to keep the game close. In the last two and a half minutes of the game the teams went a little foul crazy – up to that point there had only been two fouls committed. By the end of the quarter both teams were in the bonus.
 This seemed to set a scene of sorts for the rest of the game as a lot of fouls were called. A lot of the referee decisions were questionable and at times it did seem that the three refs were not agreeing with each other.  
In the second quarter the Celtics could have had a stronger lead but for ref calls and some poor shots towards the end of the quarter.

Quarter 2 came to a dramatic end as Paul Pierce hit a half court three but it was judged to have left his hands after the buzzer.

The Celtics kept the lead during the third quarter but slowed at times allowing the Clippers to pull closer.

The forth quarter was the worst for the ref calls and the crowd let them know. The crowd got really rowdy during the quarter and some of the language used during heckles was definitely offensive. Now obviously I am only able to speak about the area I was seated in so I don’t know if that behaviour is typical.

 The NBA usually have an announcement at the start of game reminding people to behave appropriately, consume alcohol moderately and report abusive or disruptive behaviour. I didn’t see such an announcement at this game.

The final couple of minutes of regular play were slow as a a result of ref calls, ref reviews, officials time outs and time outs. Some fans were heading for the door but I think this was probably to try to catch trains.

Regular play came to an end with the teams even sending the game to overtime. (This weirdly resulted in a chant of ‘overtime’ from some of the people near me.)

Overtime really was an extension of the fourth in terms of delay to play in the first few minutes – there were so many foul calls for a five minute period of play. Thankfully in the last two minutes this eased slightly to allow for some uninterrupted basketball.

Interestingly DeAndre Jordan was on 50% free throw shooting going into the half and was on 53% free throw shooting at the end of the game.


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