Cheshire Phoenix v London Lions

Cheshire Phoenix v London Lions 31/01/2016

The Lions had a three week gap between games in January, so I was a little nervous before the away game in Cheshire.

I shouldn’t have been so worried. Both teams played with a lot of energy to start the game. The Lions were able to take the lead through some good shots and some great steals by Nick Lewis.

Though the score at the end of quarter 1 was fairly close (Cheshire Phoenix 20 London Lions 24), it didn’t really reflect the whole quarter as the Lions had managed to take a bigger lead at points.

The tempo of the second quarter was a bit slower. This benefitted Cheshire who were able to keep the score close; the teams scored the same number of points in this quarter (14). The Lions energy seemed to fade in the last few minutes of the half and turnovers were definitely a problem. A buzzer beater three by Owumi ended the half Cheshire Phoenix 35 London Lions 39.

Whatever the coaches said to the team during the break clearly worked as the Lions came out to a great start. 2 points followed by a rejection 3 times in a row. 3 missed 3 point attempts in a row from Cheshire helped the Lions take a 14 point lead. A sloppy turnover by the Lions followed by a foul helped give Cheshire some momentum and the quarter ended Cheshire Phoenix 56 London Lions 63.

Quarter 4 started energetically though it was mainly demonstrated by turnovers and missed shots. Cheshire managed to keep the final quarter pretty close, but the Lions managed to stay ahead. In the final minute of the game Cheshire decided to play for fouls. Unfortunately they were only on 2 fouls when they made this decision, leading to 3 fouls in quick succession. The game finished Cheshire Phoenix 70 London Lions 76.

This was a good game from the Lions, the team were playing well together and were demonstrating good hustle. The three week break was obviously good for them.

One downside of the trip to Cheshire was the vuvuzelas. I have no idea why they felt the need to sell them but the travelling Lions fans all left the game with sore heads.


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