Cheshire Oaks Arena

Cheshire have moved to a new venue this season. It’s a nice modern venue which is easily accessible by car. (I don’t think it’s quite as easy by public transport if you are travelling from outside the Cheshire area – at least not if you want to get home the same day.)

It’s right next to the designer outlet so you can always make a day out of your visit. There is a good range of restaurants at the outlet allowing for a meal before of after the game.

The arena has bleacher style seating – so not great if you have back problems.

The usual array of food/soft drinks seemed to be on sale at the venue, and the club has a merchandise table just inside the arena. Unfortunately last night they were selling vuvuzelas. The children at the venue were thrilled with this but the noise left all of the travelling fans with a sore head. Apparently an announcement was made to ask the children to stop the vuvuzelas after the third (I didn’t hear this and can’t say I noticed much of a difference). This led to some complaining that it affected the atmosphere. My opinion is that the vuvuzelas were not creating an atmosphere. I’ve been to a few games in Cheshire and the fans have always been loud and proud without having to sound like a swarm of bees.



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