I travelled to a lot of basketball games in 2015, unfortunately this blog started a little late in the year to capture all of them.


The London Lions had a great run at the end of the 2014/15 season and made it to the BBL playoff final. This meant a lot of away games at BBL venues.

Most notable was the game in Cheshire that clinched the playoff final position for the London Lions. The game was tense to the end. The semi finals are based on aggregate scores and Cheshire actually won the second leg; luckily for the Lions they had secured a big enough lead in the first leg that they were able to proceed to the final.

The final, at the O2 in London, was between Esh Group Eagles Newcastle (to give them their full name) and London Lions.


In January the Milwaukee Bucks played a regular season home game in London against the New York Knicks. This was the Knicks tank season, so it wasn’t one of their better games. Milwaukee managed to put on a good show though.

In February I travelled to New York for NBA All Star 2015. I know there are a lot of critics of All Star but the opportunity to watch some of the biggest names in NBA is something special.

In October I went to Milan for a couple of days to watch the Boston Celtics take on Olympico Milano in a pre season game. You can read more about that here.


Early in 2015 I went to watch the Antwerp Giants at their home venue (which gets extra points from me for having a Haribo stall in the venue).

In September I went to the final weekend of Eurobasket.

Then finally for the year I went to Charleroi to see Spirou play the Antwerp Giants.

You can read more about the last two trips here.


It’s been a busy year for basketball trips (if not for the blog). Next year already looks like it’s going to be every bit as busy.


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