Surrey Scorchers v London Lions

November 28 2015 – Surrey Sports Park

Tonight the London Lions travelled to their nearest rivals the Surrey Scorchers. Going in to the game Scorchers were 9th in the league, Lions were 5th.

The game did not get off to a great start with both teams committing turnovers. Lions finally broke the 0-0 deadlock.

For most of this game the Lions looked comfortable, and were in the lead. Scorchers had some brilliant plays, including some tricky passes, but frustration seemed to be getting the better of them. Scorchers were called for two unsportsmanlike fouls and one technical, in three separate incidents. It’s rare for one team to get three such fouls in one game. They will need to work on keeping their frustration in check as they can ill afford to give away free throws.

The Lions also had an issue with fouls this evening, though only common fouls. Allie Fullah fouled out in the fourth.

The Lions won every quarter, although Surrey did keep trying right up until the final possession.

The win tonight takes the Lions into the top 4 of the BBL league.




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