Surrey Sports Park


Surrey Sports Park is easily accessible by car and they have plenty of free car parking available. The car park empties fairly quickly at the end of the game so you don’t have to worry about hanging around for a while.

There is also a nearby train station (Guilford) but I think access from the train station to the sports park can be a little time consuming.


Bleacher style seating is used at Surrey Sports Park (no back to the seats). This is quite common in BBL venues but not ideal if you have any back problems.

Food and Drink

There is a Starbucks and a bar in the venue. Within the basketball hall itself they sell hotdogs, soft drinks and Krispy Kremes.


Surrey Scorchers v London Lions

November 28 2015 – Surrey Sports Park

Tonight the London Lions travelled to their nearest rivals the Surrey Scorchers. Going in to the game Scorchers were 9th in the league, Lions were 5th.

The game did not get off to a great start with both teams committing turnovers. Lions finally broke the 0-0 deadlock.

For most of this game the Lions looked comfortable, and were in the lead. Scorchers had some brilliant plays, including some tricky passes, but frustration seemed to be getting the better of them. Scorchers were called for two unsportsmanlike fouls and one technical, in three separate incidents. It’s rare for one team to get three such fouls in one game. They will need to work on keeping their frustration in check as they can ill afford to give away free throws.

The Lions also had an issue with fouls this evening, though only common fouls. Allie Fullah fouled out in the fourth.

The Lions won every quarter, although Surrey did keep trying right up until the final possession.

The win tonight takes the Lions into the top 4 of the BBL league.



The New York Knicks

I didn’t travel for today’s Pelicans @ Knicks game (New York being a bit too far away to go for one game when I have work tomorrow). As it was a matinee game in New York I was able to watch it live without worrying about lack of sleep.

After last season, any game in which the Knicks play well feels like a prize (yes, I am a Knicks fan). This game was definitely a prize. Following two games where the Knicks narrowly lost it was a real treat to see them win, and to win a home game.

At times they still play like a team expecting to lose but there are many positive signs.

Porzingis is showing real skill in the NBA, his stats this season to date are already better than his stats for last season when he was playing in Spain. His foul count has been high in some games but in the last few he has been working on that as

Melo is actually showing that he can play defence. There have been some great blocks and steals from him this season and tonight was no exception. His offence is, usually, not in question but defence was not previously a strong point. It’s impressive to see that he has been working on this and it seem to be making a difference in the team as a whole.

Williams has amazing energy and a great basketball mind. As do Grant and Galloway.

Calderon is playing much better this season than last season, though since the team was tanking last season it’s difficult to know how much was simply poor play and how much was deliberate.

It’s still early, and I’ve been a Knicks fan long enough not to except a playoff making season but it does seem that the Knicks have the right pieces to build on. Finally.

Spirou Charleroi v Antwerp Giants November 7 2015

Last week I went to Charleroi to see Spirou take on the Giants.

I have to say that the venue was much quieter than I expected it to be, in terms of number of people. It was however nice and loud in terms of volume. The home fans have create a great atmosphere.

The supportes club displaying some impressive instruments.

The supporters club displaying some impressive instruments.

The Game

I am was pleased by the limited commentary and music during the game. It allowed the fans, home and away, to make a lot of noise to support the teams.

Antwerp were clear winners of q1, with a five point lead. Charleroi came back in q2 to go into the half with a 2 point lead. The lead flipped again by the end of q3 and finally switched again to end with a win from Charleroi.

It was a good game in that it was not easy to predict who would win. There were some sloppy mistakes made by both teams. It was not one of the more memorable games I have been to – there were few stand out moments. There was one buzzer beating three (to beat the shot-clock).

The Venue

The venue is easily accessible by car and there was plenty of nearby parking.

The venue was a good size and there was plenty of sign posting to help you find your section.

A range of food and drink was available. This was all at one point, which was adjacent to the entrance. This did cause some access issues. Available food included sandwiches, waffles, hot dogs, sweets and waffles. Standard soft drinks, wine and a range of Belgian beers were also available.