Spain v Lithuania

The stadium was packed for the Eurobasket final. The Lithuanian fans were clearly in attendance with large groups of them visible in several parts of the stadium. There were fewer Spain fans and I felt sorry for them as they were not able to all sit together. They were also clearly outnumbered as the French were supporting Lithuania. 
Spain started strong and although Lithuania tried to keep the pressure on them they were not able to match them in q1. Defensively, both teams were strong in q1 which was not a high scoring quarter. There were also few fouls.

Q2 was better for Lithuania as they made a massive comeback and ended q2 only 8 points behind. This was even more impressive when you consider that they only scored into double digits 2 minutes into q2.

Lithuania had more shot clock violations this evening. This seemed to be because of the strength of the Spanish defence. It is something they need to be aware of as a team, as I have seen them have problems with this is more than one game this tournament.

During the second half there were times where Lithuania started to make a comeback and it looked like the game was going to be a lot closer. Then Spain would push ahead again.

Rudy Fernandez took a terrible knock during q3 that left him on the floor for a couple of minutes. He had to be helped off the court and he could be seen receiving treatment court side before being taken off to the locker rooms. It was not a nice way for him to end the Eurobasket final.

By the end of q3 Spain had a 17 point lead and it seemed safe to start calling it their game.

During the forth Lithuania did keep the pressure on and stopped the game from getting out of hand. With about 90 seconds to go it was clear that Spain were going to win.

Some of the French fans were leaving early as the result was not going their way. This was disappointing as it was disruptive for those of us who were trying to watch the game.

Eurobasket made a big deal out of the medal ceremonies, they even had the Lithuanian president and the King of Spain present to hand out the medals.

It was nice to see Rudy Fernandez able to collect his medal as I really wasn’t sure he would be able to make it out.
 The Lithuanian fans were cheering their team on right to the end and the players rewarded them by going over to them at the end of the game, and after they had received their medals.
 When I left the stadium it seemed that the Lithuanian fans had decided to party anyway. There was a great atmosphere in the area outside the venue.


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