GB v New Zealand 25 July 2015

On Saturday 25 July Team GB took all New Zealand (the Tall Blacks) in a friendly game at London’s Copper Box Arena. I could produce a review of the game, but let’s face it the game was a few days ago now if you wanted to know you would have read one by now. The key thing is the result GB 63 – NZ 84.

It was a big night for ex-London Lions player, Drew Sullivan. He became the first player in GB history to earn 100 caps. It was also a pretty big night for Team GB who played 7 new players.  It’s definitely encouraging to see Coach Prunty bring in some new, young, players to the team. Interviews with the coach post game suggest that his focus is on seeking out young GB talent to give them a chance.

I won’t pretend that I was blown away by all of the players on Saturday but there were some promising moments. I think the team will need to play a few games to get comfortable with each other. I hope that GB Basketball are looking for opportunities to set up more friendly games. Perhaps staging a few in other parts of the UK to allow greater exposure to the game.

It was great to see the Copper Box so full for a friendly game, though based on the noise it seems that a large number of the attendees were supporting NZ. I really hope that any London based NZ fans at the game will be encouraged to come back to the Copper Box for the British Basketball season, starting in September.


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